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  • Daniela Guerrero

Enanitos Verdes at House of Blues

If you grew up in a Latinx household, you grew up with Enanitos Verdes. Their impact on Spanish rock transcends music and becomes culture, heritage, and pride. If this is you, then you probably already know all their songs word for word, even if you don’t want to! Most likely, they’ve accompanied you throughout your life and have been the soundtrack of your anger, love, and sadness.

They’ve been there for your parents just as much, and maybe even more.

Waiting for the opportunity of a press pass keeps things exciting and keeps me on my feet. I learned I had been approved to cover this show the day before! I was so excited, I felt how the stars aligned!

While preparing for the show, I talked to my mom about Enanitos Verdes's imprint on our culture. Although decades apart, we laughed at our stories, sharing so much in common. She used to listen to "Lamento Boliviano," arguably their most famous song, after a long day of classes in college. Now decades later and miles apart, it accompanies my long days. When she met my father in our home country, Colombia, they danced and sang the same songs I got the opportunity to sing at House of Blues. What an overpowering melancholic sentiment!

The intergenerational crowd, accurately representing their audience, did not stop dancing, singing, and drinking. Everyone’s heart was warm; you could feel it! The air had a shared aura of awe.

House of Blues was such a charming venue. I was surprised by the incredible logistics team that helped make the whole experience stress-free, the security team that kept track of everyone in the crowd, and the lighting experts who knew exactly how to elevate the show and take it to the next level.

The band was formed in the late '70s in Mendoza, Argentina, by singer/bassist Marciano Cantero, guitarist Felipe Staiti, and drummer Daniel Piccolo. Since its formation, the band has become one of Latin America's most popular and influential rock bands. In 1984, Sergio Embrioni and Tito Dávila joined the trio as guitarist and keyboardist, respectively. They released their first album the same year, followed by 13 successful studio albums. Recognizing their legacy and talent, Los Enanitos Verdes have been nominated for several awards throughout their career, including two Latin Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album for their album Leyendas de la Infancia in 2014. In 2017, they received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Latin Recording Academy for contributing to Latin American music.

In September 2022, co-founder Marciano Cantero died after being hospitalized for renal failure. He was only 62 years old. Guitarist Felipe Staiti dedicated this show and their song “Mariposas” to his friend and colleague who “left too early,” pulling the heartstrings of every fan present.

“Yo daría lo mejor de mi vida

Por estar con vos”

With countless hits like "Lamento Boliviano" from the Big Bang (1994) album, "La Muralla Verde" from the Contrareloj (1986) album, and "Cordillera" from the Nectar (1998) album. Los Enanitos Verdes has gifted us an extensive discography full of anthems. My favorite song is, by far, "Luz de Dia." This is easily one of the most romantic songs ever produced. Combining pure-hearted lyrics and harmony that slowly guilds into a fusion of instruments and passion, the song chills me from beginning to end. If you take anything from this blog, let it be this song!

“Destapa el champagne

Apaga las luces

Dejemos las velas encendidas

Y afuera las heridas”

“Tu piel y mi piel

Ves que se reconocen

Es la memoria que hay

En nuestros corazones”

“Porque puedo mirar el cielo, besar tus manos

Sentir tu cuerpo, decir tu nombre

Y las caricias serán la brisa que aviva el fuego

De nuestro amor”

On the other hand, if, for any reason, the passionate love that "Luz De Dia" invites you to feel ends and you have nothing else to do but move on, "Tu Carcel" is the perfect song to help you do so.

“Te vas, amor

Si así lo quieres, ¿qué le voy a hacer?”

“Quiero llorar

Y me destroza que pienses así

Y más que ahora me quedé sin ti

Me duele lo que tú vas a sufrir”

“Vete olvidando

De esto que hoy dejas y que cambiarás

Por la aventura que tú ya verás

Será tu cárcel y nunca saldrás”

Here is the setlist—one of the best I’ve encountered! Hit after hit. Grab your headphones and relive the concert!



La Muralla Verde


Guitarras Blancas

Eterna Soledad

Yo Pagaria


Frances Limon

No Me Dejes Caer

Amores Lejanos

Popurri - No me veras -ETC

Mejor No Hablemos

Por el Resto

Tu Carcel

Lamento Boliviano



Luz De Dia

If you can see Enanitos Verdes in concert, do not miss it! Here, you can check out their upcoming shows.

To wrap up this blog, I want to thank Live Nation for trusting me and everyone at UIC Radio to cover such a wonderful concert and for continuing to host the best live music shows worldwide.

For more pictures, check out @sagemodelens

Tune in to @sagemoderadio! This semester, we are on air on Saturdays from 2-4 pm.


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