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Fall Concert Review Series 2k15 – Part 3: Disclosure

WOWZA. What a busy semester this is turning out to be. I have quite a lot on my plate, but worry not! I’m back once again for my Fall Concert Review Series!

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Now, I know I’ve blogged my fair share about one of my favorite bands, Disclosure. I have also listened to more of my fair share of their first album, Settle. It’s seriously one that I just can’t ever get enough of. That being said, when I heard in the beginning of the year that new music was on the way, I couldn’t be more excited.

So, one fine summer morning, I woke up early, staked out at my laptop, and purchased tickets to see Disclosure several months still before the new album, Caracal, was released.

In a previous blog of mine, I talked about how going to see Disclosure live as a last-minute decision turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I couldn’t get over how lively and fun the brothers are live, and how energizing their set was. Paired with spectacular light shows emanating from behind them, I felt complete ecstasy at their show.

Needless to say, I was ready for a round 2, with new material to fuel my live music-driven euphoria.


The concert was held at Navy Pier, which, for starters, was odd to me, because I’d never been to any concert there before. Reportedly, it was to be the biggest venue the brothers had performed in all tour. After the openers, I patiently waited for Guy and Lawrence to take the stage. Finally, the lights dimmed, and they emerged with dazzling lights all around them.

It was a dance party right off the bat. They opened up with “White Noise,” one of my personal favorites, off of Settle, immediately followed by another song from their first album, titled “F for You.”

While Settle still holds a dear place in my heart, I find that I still can’t get enough of Caracal either. The new album really shows how the brothers have grown as a band, and has no shortage of incredibly talented guest appearances in songs.

Later on, the duo performed “Magnets,” featuring the vocal stylings of Lorde. This one has already been deemed a jam of mine; the spooky, mystical vocals of Lorde combined with the catchy, dance-y beats of Disclosure make an enchanting mix that makes me envision a dark, magical character of a fairy tale traveling through a rave in the woods to bring about demise.

Check out the music video for “Magnets” below:

While I was pumped that Guy promised there would be plenty performances of old songs, I was equally as pumped to witness the revival of the Sam Smith x Disclosure collab when the brothers performed “Omen.” Sam Smith has also grown as a singer, and his talents are proven once again in this single off of Caracal. Purple outlines of Smith’s profile sang on the screens behind the brothers, giving off the vibe that he was performing live with us in spirit.


Another awesome collab on the album can be heard on the first track, “Noctournal,” featuring The Weeknd. As I was dancing away to the performance of this song live, I found myself once again enchanted by the light show on stage.

Throughout the performance, the backdrop was dark, and had orbs flying in patterns all around. Toward the end of the song, the brothers moved onto a platform for some guitar/bass solos and were lifted high up for all to see, as the glowing spectacle floated all around them. It was an amazing light show to accompany the R&B vocal stylings of The Weeknd (props to you, light show coordinator!).

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With so many guest appearances on the album, how could you not expect to see at least a couple perform live with the duo? For their performance of “Hourglass,” they were accompanied by Lion Babe, who appeared in a silvery sequined one piece. Her stellar dance moves and characteristic hair proved to be a crazy fun dance party.

After a quick break, making the audience think they were finished momentarily, Guy and Howard returned for their encore, featuring jazz/soul singer, Brendan Reilly, for “Moving Mountains.”

Of course, how could they get away without performing their most famous hit? To wrap up the show, the duo finally played “Latch,” as their iconic scribble faces sang along to Sam Smith’s renowned voice. I couldn’t help but strain my vocal cords as I sang along as loudly as I could.

I danced my butt off and I sang my heart out once again at Disclosure’s show. I knew it was going to be a groovy dance party, and they definitely delivered. I can’t wait to party at another Disclosure show the next chance I get.


Do you love Disclosure’s music too? Have you listened to Caracal yet? What do you think of it? Let me know by commenting and sharing!


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