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Fall Essentials: Bella Hadid Edition

The fall season is finally here, and no one is doing it better than miss Bella Hadid. Bella Hadid is known for her unique style and her way of styling interesting pieces together. If you’re struggling with picking out an outfit or figuring out your style this fall, I suggest you continue reading. Here are 3 items you need in your wardrobe this fall season, inspired by Bella Hadid.

1.Ugg Boot

platform ugg boots

I know we have all seen the Ugg boot comeback; or did it ever really go away? You can be fashionably warm this fall with Ugg boots as seen on Bella Hadid. From platform to minis to light pink to brown, Ugg has a collection to fit everyone’s style.

2. Matching Sweats

The ballerina core aesthetic/style is one of TikTok’s favorite fashion trends right now and Bella seems to enjoy it as well. Again, your Ugg boots are a perfect alternative for shoes for this outfit. This may be a basic one, but who doesn’t want to be comfy? Having any type of matching crewneck and sweatpants makes a look more elevated and appears to have put in more thought…even if you didn’t.

gray sweatsuit

3. Accessories 

Finally, using headbands to cover your ears from the cold or simply just moving your hair out of your way, is a fall season essential. Use a headband to twin with Bella Hadid and tie your outfit all together. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this, but accessories complete an outfit! Even if it isn’t sunny, choose your favorite shades and plop them on top of your head if you’re like me and don’t like wearing them. An even better option are prescription glasses! It’s time to embrace how bad your vision may be with cute frames that match your sense of style!

headband & glasses

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