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Fall Feels: A Playlist for the Fall Season

Alexis Schofield | Posted on October 02, 2019

It is finally October, aka the beginning of fall, which coincidentally is the time of the year I put together a playlist of songs to listen to while the weather grows colder and the leaves begin to change. The playlist consists mostly of acoustic, guitar-driven melodies and moody low-fi tunes, perfectly encapsulating the comforting atmosphere the fall season holds for all of us. Here is a list of some of my favorite songs from a variety of genres to help create the mood for autumn’s arrival.

In A Week – Hozier ft. Karen Cowley


Hozier Album Cover

I feel like Hozier is a staple for fall given his natural talent for writing deep lyrics and unique melodies. This soul-driven rock song is perfect for the moodiness of autumn. On top of the low guitar notes in this song, Karen Cowley’s delicate soprano tone of voice adds a contrasting element to the song that complements Hozier’s soulful, deep voice. Both of their voices have a very comforting tone, but they also have a sense of depth to them, which makes this a perfect song for Autumn.

Renee – SALES



The song consists of a simple guitar melody that, matched with the singer’s indie-pop voice, creates a comforting sensation coinciding with the fall season. The band consists of two musicians: the guitarist who also sings and the drummer who creates the unique beats for their songs. This minimalist guitar-pop band perfectly emulates a mellow and refreshing sound that provides an easy listen. Specifically, this song reminds me of summer transitioning into autumn when the weather is still pretty warm and there is a general feeling of mellowness, just like the song.

Honey Jars – Bryan John Appleby

bryan john appleby

Bryan John Appleby Album Cover

This song provides a lot of compelling instrumentals that aren’t too overpowering for the minimal amount of lyrics- which are brilliantly written. The slightly echoed vocals and the finger-picked acoustic guitar reminds me of fall because of the raw and simple feeling it emits. The song has a sort of somber and sad tone to it, but the calmness of it reminds me of the calmness of fall, uplifting the mood of it a bit. This well-composed song is definitely not one to skip over.

Monsoon – Hippo Campus

hippo campus

Hippo Campus Monsoon Single Cover

I have seen this song popping up in other people’s playlists more and more often, especially now that fall is upon us. Unlike a majority of the songs on this playlist, this song is a piano-driven track. It gives a somber and melancholic feel with incredibly written lyrics. As one of the more emotionally-heavy songs on this playlist, it focuses on grief from the loss of a family member. However, I find that the moody melody of the song overpowers the rather depressing lyrics, so I don’t get overwhelmingly sad listening to it. I recommend this song to be listened to on a gloomy, rainy autumn day.

Apple Cider – Beabadoobee


Beabadoobee Album Cover

Lastly, I am recommending this song because most of the songs I have listed have a melancholy feeling and this song is a refreshing break from that. The rising artist Beabadoobee creates bedroom-pop songs with simple lyrics that everyone can relate to. This indie love song, in particular, is much more of an upbeat and happy song unlike a lot of other songs on the playlist. The drums in the background and Bea’s lively vocals give the song the happy, radiating feeling autumn provides. Plus, the song is literally called “Apple Cider,” a staple for autumn.

You can find my extended autumn playlist titled “fall feels” on my Spotify under the username “alexisschofield.”


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