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 FALL/WINTER 22/23 fashion trends perdictions

Looking at the trending audios on TikTok, and some of the emerging social media trends, we can see an ‘indie sleaze’ moving in. The early 2000s and 90s still have a firm grip on styles, but they’re going from an “it girl” or “clean girl” aesthetic to darker, dirtier grunge. Thick sweaters, neutrals, and messy eye makeup will spike. 

I believe that the revival of Monster High is a large factor in this. The iconic children of monsters are getting a reboot and people have been talking non-stop. With this talk comes noticing their drop-dead gorgeous outfits. Platforms, leg warmers, mini skirts — everything about their looks are leaking into the fall fashion trends. And while the new designs and live-action movie were a bit shocking, the original ghouls will always be fang-tastic. 

I don’t just mean a short skirt. I mean mini-early-2000 skirts are back. As Paris Hilton once said, “Mini skirts. Skirts should be the size of a belt. Life’s short, take risks.”

But how can I mention Paris Hilton without bringing up the continuous presence of Barbie-core? Especially with Malibu Barbie Paytas coming into the world. I’m seeing bright pink everywhere. Faux fur, leather coats and blazers, coated with unapologetic femininity. Barbie is here to slay and stay, and will most likely remain until Margo Robbie’s Barbie movie comes out. Something about live-action revivals just makes the character’s styles come running. 

Along with these two teenage doll series, comes the revival of prep. “Back to school for adults” as some may say. Uniform-esque styles, except sluttier and upcycled. See-through blouses meet a tie (tied a little looser than expected), short skirts, plaid and platform loafers/Mary Janes. Think a ‘modern-day Serena Van Der Woodsen,’ but of course, there will still be the Blaire Waldorfs. They may have a classier take; pearls and lace, but while their ties may be done correctly, their skirts are just as short.

And as the weather cools, we must have a way to keep warm! Scarfs are coming back in full swing as well as sweaters. Whether you prefer your scarf to be Y2K skinny or thicker and warm, get your scarves out for this season and you’ll be sure to thaw some chilly hearts. These yards of fabric serve a dual purpose; to keep one warm, as well as to keep one hot. It’s 2022, who says you still have to be cold to serve looks? 

Thank you so much for reading! I will see you again next week for some more frosty fashion facts!!


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