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Fashawn – The Beginning

Fashawn is a rapper out of Fresno, California who has worked with a lot of notable artists. He’s worked with Blu, Murs, The Alchemist, Evidence and others. He is still seriously slept on, but I’m not even going to deny it, I’ve slept on him as well. He’s got 10 mixtapes out, 2 collab albums and 1 solo album. His solo album Boy Meets World might just be one of the most slept on projects in hip hop in my opinion. The album reminds me of Good Kid M.A.A.D. City, and Illmatic even (although Fashawn is west coast). Although Kendrick took a more gritty, “gangsta” approach in narrating his life in Compton. Fashawn, with the help of Exile, explains his experiences in a more soulful way. He basically talked about all the problems he faced in his early childhood years: poverty, drugs plaguing the community, the absence of his father, his mother’s drug addiction, gang culture etc. It’s a great album. It dropped in 2009, perhaps too early for its own good, but regardless it should still be checked out. You can click on the name Boy Meets World if you’re interested in streaming that album. Its a really solid hip hop album. I highly recommend it.

Boy Meets World isn’t the point of this post though, the purpose of this post is to talk about Fashawn’s new single “The Beginning“. So he dropped a video with this, which you can also find below, and in my opinion it’s pretty dope. The song itself was produced by Evidence and the song is pretty damn gritty. It’s a perfect example of west coast rap. This song is the first single off of his upcoming project titled, The Ecology which is said to be “due out soon”. The album is also going to be executive produced by Exile, which is always a good thing because Exile is that dude.

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