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We did it. After the hours of intense studying, lack of sleep, and excess of coffee, we made it through the fall semester!

It’s different from high school. In high school the breaks are shorter, and there tends to be work due the following semester, but we’re in college now.

I’m sure everyone is relieved to be done and can’t wait to go home for a much deserved and relaxing break. The question is…what exactly do we do now that we do not go back to school for another month!?

Sleep. We always spend hours complaining of not getting any because of finals, and now is your chance. After hours of studying, you are probably running on a few hours of sleep! Take the time this break to literally curl up in a ball under your covers and just be lazy. Enjoy having free time with nothing to worry about. It’ll feel good, trust me.

Hang out with family. It’s been 4 months since you actually got to talk to your family about everything that has happened to you in college. Now’s the chance to tell them how college is going for you. Family bonding is always a great time that brings the family closer together. You know your parents have missed you and don’t lie, deep down, you missed them too ;). Go out to dinner together, go bowling, or simply sitting and having a family meal together is always a great way to catch up on what has been going on in the family household when you were not around.

EAT!!! I mean you have been eating dorm food 24/7 and we all know you are tired of the same old pizza and pasta. Now that you are back home there are so many options of food that actually appeal to you. Eat as much as your heart desires, because sooner or later you’re going back to the school cafe, where you wish you had your mom’s homemade cooking.

Go visit friends from your hometown. I mean you all did not go to the same college, right? Now’s the chance to meet up with high school friends about their college life, how they’re doing, and to bring out the inside jokes you guys had before leaving for college. A lot has happened this semester, and with nothing to do this break, this will definitely kill a lot of time, but it will also feel good to be reunited with those you spent your childhood with.

Catch up on TV shows! Finally, after being in a dorm with no TV, it’s time to catch up on hours of How I Met your Mother or The Big Bang Theory. You are able to watch your shows without worrying about “the paper due the next day” because there isn’t one! 😀 Now you can finally catch up with what has been going on and what your friends are talking about when they bring up that certain show.

Read. I know, before shunning this idea, think about it. This past semester you have been reading books that contained British literature or something from the 18th century that did not appeal to you. When was the last time you got to read a real good book? Pick a novel that interests you, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new author to admire.

WE LIVE IN CHICAGO! Go out in the city and explore! Play in the snow! It is winter break for a reason. Bring out your inner-childhood and live life the way you want to. After studying hard you deserve this break. Make it a break to remember and be sure to have fun! 🙂

Have a great break everyone!

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