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Finals Week: The Struggle Faced by All

Whether you have in-person finals, online exams, or final papers to turn in, the average college student finds themselves struggling this time of year. It is not an odd sight to see someone crying while either studying or completing finals; people are calculating grades to see the lowest they can score to still do well, and procrastination has come to struggle.

In the spirit of finals season, with everyone stressing out to finish any work they've missed, this post offers some motivation and self-care to soothe your brain while the stress piles up.


Getting through the hard days paves a future for a better you.

Doing assignments is challenging but worthwhile.

Learning helps the brain grow.

Getting it done now is better for you later! You can do this!

A week is a lot of time; if you can't do something now, you can do it later.

Doing hard things is a part of growing, and you have the power to do what is best for you.

At the end of the day, Cs get degrees, so being perfect matters not.

Self Care.

Taking a 15-minute walk can help the blood flow to the brain, air to the lungs and sunlight to increase serotonin.

Implementing a skin-care routine can help you feel calmer and increase confidence, so you crush all your finals this semester.

Give yourself treats for finishing activities. Doing things is hard; letting yourself partake in something you enjoy can increase your mood. It's also a reward for pushing yourself to this point.

Stretching can also help increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, making you think clearer.

Let yourself relax. Constantly doing work is not good for your brain or your body, and relaxing is a great way to let yourself breathe.

See your friends. Being around people we love is great for motivation and increasing happy hormones.

Do your makeup/put on clean clothes/paint your nails! Putting time into you can help your brain work properly; doing the little things goes a long way!

And remember, finals are not the end of the world, and you can do it! College may be challenging, but you have gotten this far and shouldn't give up now!



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