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Four Things to Learn During Quarantine

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Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine. I have heard this word more than I have heard my own name. Somehow it feels out of sync to see that everyone is experiencing the weird situation of not knowing what is happening or when everything will get better. Frankly speaking, no one has the answers for anything at this point, but what can we do or what can we learn? I once saw this quote that quickly caught my attention. If I recall, it went along the lines of, “If you don’t come outside [this quarantine] as a better version of yourself, then the problem is not time, but you.” It inspired me to think: what should we all learn that doesn’t involve leaving our homes? What should I learn?

Cooking? I knew cooking was really important to survive, but I never thought I should learn how to cook. I remember taking a cooking class in high school and I have great memories of it with my friends Matt, Cherry, Simas, Niki, Taylor, and Rahi. But, if you ask me what I cooked, I for sure can tell you that I can’t remember a single dish. However, when this quarantine started I slowly realized the importance of cooking in our lives. With the number of pre-prepared meals and unlimited restaurants to choose, we don’t realize the value of home-cooked meals until a day like this comes. Maybe I won’t become a Master chef and win the next best cooking show, but I do want to learn a few dishes that might come in handy when I am living by myself or traveling.  

Stocks. Life is a circle and stocks are too. I remember seeing a scrolling bar going across a big building [don’t remember anything about the building] on my TV when I was about nine or ten. It’s been almost ten years and I have never learned how stocks work or how everything is interlinked to stocks. I am starting my minor in Entrepreneurship next semester and I believe this is a good time to get a hold of stocks to build a better understanding of them. I know so many people that want to learn about investments and stocks, and my advice to them is to use this time to explore and be a part of the world of stock-buying. 

Writing. Don’t you think writing is everywhere? From writing a professional email to writing a screenplay or even this blog. I’ve always loved writing. I write blogs, essays, and even fiction but I always felt that there is a lot more to learn and so many more stories to tell. It’s been almost a year since I wrote my last work of fiction so I plan to use this time to hopefully write something, I know there are people out there that are 10 feet away from writing or haven’t picked up a book in a year or longer, but use this time to really relax and invest yourself to new interests. Whether that is reading a post, or writing open thoughts from your mind, or reflecting on your day, just 10 minutes of writing can help you look at the world from a new perspective.  

Coding! (I was waiting to say this.) We rarely get so much free time in this busy world, but what other skills can I improve on during this quarantine? So those that are coding enthusiasts like me, try exploring with different coding languages. Maybe start with HTML to learn how coding really works. Some of my non-CS friends are always fascinated with all these lines of code. If you really want to know how it works, I suggest starting with Python (to learn logic) or HTML (to see the interface). 

Explore yourself. When you can’t go outside, go inside and learn about yourself. There is a galaxy inside you so start reading yourself, start to understand yourself, and really look at how you are portraying yourself to the world. Some might think this is the time to change yourself physically, but it’s truly the time to reinvent yourself mentally. Whatever you do In the end, don’t regret it. Use all the time you have and do whatever you feel like doing, but be productive. You can never get this time back and you probably won’t be put in another situation like this. 

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