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Get to Know Twenty One Pilots

As you probably heard, the headliner for this year’s Spark 2015 is the band Twenty One Pilots. Contrary to their band name, the band doesn’t actually consist of 21 pilots. Instead, the band is made up of two pretty normal guys: Tyler Joseph (lead singer) and Josh Dun (drummer).


Over the past couple of years, the band transitioned from playing small, local venues to sold out shows at large concert halls. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise though. The band garnered a lot of attention from people everywhere thanks to their unique sound that’s a blend of rap/ alternative/ pop, their relatable and stimulating lyrics, and their captivating performances (Josh literally does a backflip off of a piano during the live performance of “Holding on to You“).

Despite the fact that the band is made up of only two people, Tyler and Josh project their whole heart and energy into each and every performance, making every show a truly special experience.

The guys just recently performed in front of a full crowd at Lollapalooza and created quite the commotion with their powerful set. Their setlist now consists of songs from their album Vessel as well as their newest album BlurryfaceYou guys will get to experience all of the hype firsthand next week!

Excited yet? You should be! To get a taste of the songs you’ll hear next week, check out the playlist below for more songs by Twenty One Pilots and check back with UIC Radio for more news about Spark! The concert is at the UIC Pavillion on Thursday, September 3rd, with doors opening at 6pm. Hope to see you all at Spark 2015!

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