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Getting Out


Remember when I said that I need to get out and do something crazy once in a while?

Well, yesterday was that day.

Ok, well, maybe it wasn’t CRAZY, but I needed to do something to break up that infernal home-work-school-home daisy chain I’d been running around all semester. It was a Wednesday (worst day of the week for some), but class ended at 3:15, the sky was sunny and I didn’t feel particularly guilty about putting off working on a final project for a few more hours.

Well, it wasn’t quite that easy, but after a while I was able to silence the thousand and one thoughts whizzing my brain and actually enjoy myself.

Hopping of the Blue Line at Clark and Lake, I headed straight for the river. Even before my days as a deckhand, I loved watching the boats head up the river to the locke before crossing the skyline around Lake Michigan. So I boat-stalked, waved to random people and took pictures with my much-to-be-desired phone.

I got so excited seeing a boat I had worked on heading for the river that I whipped around, surprising a cute guy with a Harley Davidson beanie.

“Are you lost?” He said. I laughed, “Just enjoying the view”.

Bending over the rail to get a better look, I tried to see if I could recognize the captain. I couldn’t. Must’ve been someone new.

Somehow, I ended up at Navy Pier and had fun watching people pass by on those stand-up wheely things (you know, the ones from Mall Cop?)…I can never remember the name. But by that time, I figured most of the traffic was gone so I gave in to the insistent voice in my head that told me I had a ton of work waiting at home (like that would make me want to leave!) and promptly caught the wrong bus.

Apparently the 66 goes north, too.

Oh well, it didn’t really matter. I think I ended up somewhere in Goose Island and managed to find the Halsted bus to take me back to UIC and my car.

It was only a couple of hours and I didn’t climb rail cars or discover another shanty town, but it was nice.

Just what I needed.

And now, exams!



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