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Grammy Sadness and Super Bowl Fail!

Jay-Z and Eminem "Home & Home" Concert - New York - Show

Within the next two weeks, two events will effect the American people more than pizza and taxes; the Grammy’s and the Super Bowl. I, being more of a content soul, am not particularly excited for the Super Bowl (I’m not much of a sports fan). However, the Grammy’s will be the most exciting thing in my life for at least 24 hours. The event, airing on January 26th, will definitely not disappoint some of its viewers. As the eve of the Grammy’s is approaching, the news that Jay- Z and Beyoncé are scheduled performers has me pretty upset. Besides the fact that most people will not care about any one else but them, I feel like Beyoncé should of let her beau handle this one! It is true that Beyoncé can put on a show, but she ALWAYS puts on a show.  She just had a world tour that  is expected to rake in about $100 million dollars. Her other half also made about $1.4 million a night from his recent tour. I feel that because Jay-z is nominated for five Grammy’s, she should have let him have the stage. He could single handedly entertain a group of excited Grammy attendants with a few short rhymes. Them, together– not my favorite cup of tea. This also could be my biased towards my subtle distaste of Beyoncé…

On another note, the classic American tradition of the Super Bowl  is airing on February 2. While I most likely will not observe men tackling each other on a cold field with  chicken wings and a jersey on, I will take in the recount of what happened later via the RedEye and my local news. I was again upset to learn that performers for the Super Bowl were Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Though both are great acts, the Super Bowl performer is supposed to be a person who can shut the show down. Why on God’s green earth was Rihanna not picked for that exact reason, I will never know. The halftime show is a literal viral sensation while it is happening, every Instagram and Twitter user will be capturing this moment with words or videos. In my honest opinion, Bruno Mars is an amazing artist- one of my favorites in fact- but he is not Super Bowl ready. I feel like he needs to give a more talked about and aesthetically pleasing performance before he can perform at the Super Bowl. the Red Hot Chili Peppers are another great act, but if the Super Bowl committee was going for a nostalgic moment they should have picked another type of band/act ( cough, cough Green Day, Robin Thicke and Pharrell, etc.). Heck, I would have settled for Imagine Dragons or even Drake, but not the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I think in some ways, the next few weeks might be epic. It could be an epic failure or an epic success.. who knows.



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