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Halloween 2022 Costume Ideas!!

Hello all!!

With Halloween right around the corner, costumes are all I seem to be hearing about. Finding the balance between well-known and overdone is a fine line indeed, but I may have somewhat cracked the code! And for those who are procrastinators, or just want something last minute and “easy,” I’ve got the perfect list for you!

For single costumes:

Barbie Simple, easy and wonderful. Barbie is one of the best last-minute costumes to do. All pink with a simple glam makeup look and you’re good to go!!

Cat Woman (DC Universe) With the new Batman movie that came out, you’d have lots of room to decide which Cat Woman you would be; Zoe Kravitz versus Anne Hathaway, or straight from the comics. It is also a great costume to keep warm in while still serving.

Monster High

This is one that could be a group, but is still spooktacular on its own!! Also so many options to choose from — whether the main 6 or some of the lesser known!

Jennifer’s Body

Now, Megan Fox in that movie was utterly breathtaking (literally), but her outfits weren’t all that complicated! Fake blood goes a long way.

Your Favorite Album/ Album Cover It’s just iconic you know? For example, if you love the SOUR album by Olivia Rodrigo, you would put on a similar outfit and makeup, and done! If you wanted to go a step further, you could also recreate and carry around a poster of you as the album.

Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) +friends

This could also be a group costume if you so wish!! But a single one of these characters would still be easily recognizable and easy to pull off!!

Costumes for pairs/couples:

Eleanor and Drea (Do Revenge) This movie was absolutely amazing, with massive Clueless vibes, and it was also stunning visually. You could of course do one of their outfits, but something that might be a little easier is doing their school uniforms!

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

If you haven’t seen the new Harley Quinn show, I truly cannot recommend it enough. It is so funny and mildly disturbing, but one of the best parts is Harley and Ivy’s relationship. Not only would it be adorable, but their costumes are also so fun and flattering.

Denji and Makima (Chainsaw Man) Another show I cannot recommend enough. If you like anime please watch Chainsaw Man. Denji, the main character is absolutely delightful and Makima is just…wow. Their dynamic, while not the healthiest, makes the story so interesting, and going out as these two is sure to turn heads as well as be a heart-wrenching slay.

Dressing as each other Not a character but this concept is adorable. To go as your spouse/friend is so funny, especially if you two look/dress/are very different.

Nick and Charlie (Heartstopper) So cute and so easy. As it is getting a second season soon, it would be an amazing reminder to those around as well as be something many others won’t do.

For friend groups 3+:

Scooby Doo Even though this one will definitely be done a lot this year, it is still an amazing idea. To get your friend group to go as the Mystery Inc. is so funny and works even better if someone has a dog.

The Powerpuff Girls Done all the time but so easy to do well. All it takes is 3 people and 3 colors!! Especially if you have the same dynamic/personalities as the characters!

The Rowdyruff Boys Riding off of the last idea, if there are three guys you know willing and able, or even want to do a funny gender swap, the rowdyruff boys are equally as easy to do well!

Winx Club

Do I really have to say anything? With the second season of Fate having been released, people are loving Winx again, and what better to go as than the originals? 

The Hex Girls Back to Scooby Doo, if you and your friends are less preppy and want something edgier, the Hex Girls literally reign supreme. Especially if you want to throw Daphne in the mix.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

This is more because it’s funny and I’ll finally go as Asuka at some point; but NGE has really creative costumes, and most people will at the very least recognize Shinji in a chair.

Turning Red

Such a perfect movie and would be so fun to do!! Lowkey cringey middle school costumes but if you play into it it’ll just become camp!! Just find a Claire’s or Justice (do those still exist?) and go all out.

Sanrio Characters

SO CUTE!!! You don’t even have to wear the hats they have in this photo, but can simply do ‘Sanrio-inspired’ outfits and it’ll totally work!! Also very easy to work with around your own style and personality.

And of course if none of these work I recommend going with a concept (ex: 1920s flapper, nurse, mean girl, etc., where you are you and not you as a character), or being inspired by something (whether a character or piece of media, ex: if I were a character in___). Thrift stores are your best friend when it comes to Halloween, and going to school right by a great Goodwill as well as the multitude of vintage stores in the city is so helpful! I believe the majority of my costume is from thrift stores…

Speaking of, my costume is also on the list/falls under a category here, can you guess which it is?

I hope you have the best of luck in finding your costumes and have a safe time celebrating!!

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