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Hiphop Around the World: Angela Karaseva


I love finding great dancers from all over the world and this week’s selection is…

Angela Karaseva from the Ukraine!

Angela is a multi-talented works as a choreographer at Dance Center Myway in Kyiv, Ukraine. She dances hip-hop, pop/jazz and contemporary and was a Superfinalist in Season 4 of Ukraine’s “So You Think You Can Dance“.

I was looking for some good choreography to go with a few recent Usher songs and guess what popped up in my Youtube search! I saw quite a few of her videos that day, and she is not only incredibly talented, but plays with a lot of different styles.

It’s hard to find a good hip-hop dancer who doesn’t rely on ‘girly’ hip-hop to make herself look good. See Exhibit A below.

Now here’s an example of choreography that depends mostly on hair flipping, chest-popping and what I fondly call, ‘the Stripper Stretch’ to fill those 8-counts. Not that it isn’t a legitimate form of dance. It’s just…alternative.

An alternative to REAL hip-hop, that is.

So how about Angela? Well, if you look her up later, you’ll see she has some pretty steamy stuff. But this version of ‘Lemme See‘ is not one of them. Instead of being overtly sexual, she uses hand and shoulder movements and a few dips to bring some femininity to a more masculinized piece.  Check it out!

To see more of Angela, check out her channel on Youtube!


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