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Historic Day In the NBA


Tomorrow is the last day of the NBA regular season. After the 8 best teams from each conference will compete in the playoffs for the NBA championship. Usually there are few stories in the last days of the regular season, as most teams are set in their positions in the standing, and only a few are able to have any significant changes and most people are just waiting for the playoffs to finally begin. However this year has brought us two dramatic stories that has made the last day of the regular season to be one that is going to be very memorable.


Twenty years ago, the Chicago Bulls were the best basketball team anyone had seen. They had the best player to every play the game in Michael Jordon, and they won a record 72 games. This team was remarkable. This record has remained strong for these last 20 years where no team has ever really been that close to beating it; well except this year. The Golden State Warriors are having their own historic season, and are sitting at 72-9 with one game left tomorrow. They’ve been lead by the best shooter to the play the game in Stephen Curry. The Warriors already tied the record and now fans are going to clamor around their television sets to see if Golden States can accomplish this amazing feat and set a new record.


Twenty years also marks Kobe Bryant’s arrival to the league, and for twenty years he has captivated the whole world with his amazing play. While many people argue where Kobe stand when ranking him among the greats, there is no doubt that he is one of the best to play the game. His list of accomplishments include five championship, an MVP, and countless all star appearances. He scored the second most points in a game when he dropped 81 vs the Toronto Raptors. Tomorrow is the last time we will be able to see Kobe Bryant play a professional game of basketball in the NBA, and it is also the last time we’ll get to see a legend grace us by being the court.



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