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honeymoon friendships

have you heard about the “honemoon phase” in a relationship?

i think i have these often in friendships and then they die down. what could i have done differently? 

people come into our lives for a short or long period of time. but what if i didn’t want them gone? i don’t like knowing that people can outgrow each other. yes, it makes sense, one person comes during a phase in our life and once we both get out of that phase, the chances of the friendship remaining is 50%. 

how can you rekindle a 6yr friendship that was lost in a matter of months? you take so much time molding a friendship — or a relationship really — with memories, experiences and feelings, just for it to be gone so soon. the biggest secret you told them they forgot, and all you get to say now are hi’s and goodbye’s.

how can you trust someone to not leave again?



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