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How Can I Be a Great Leader? (Part 1)

Krish Bavana | Posted on October 11, 2019

It seems as though the world is in a large search for leaders nowadays. Whether you try out for a team, apply for a job, or look for colleges, it looks like everybody wants “a leader.” So what constitutes a leader? What makes these leaders so desirable in every situation? For many years, people called me a leader, and though I didn’t understand what it was about me that made me a leader; I thought nothing of it, and continued on accepting the title; allowing it to slightly raise my self-confidence. But in my Junior year of high school, as I began to apply for different leadership positions, I was finally asked: What makes you a good leader? I started searching for answers and finally found some of them.

A good leader is always a great follower:The hardest part of being a leader is understanding the group and how everyone in the group reacts to it. We should follow all the rules and understand the rules before asking someone to follow it.

Don’t force your ideas into the group:The biggest mistake the majority of the leaders do is to try to force their ideas into the group, which will not work in most cases. When we try to force our ideas, they might completely lose track of what they are doing and that might affect the time of the output and the quality of the results.

Communication is the key to success: Talking and convincing the group is the most challenging task out of all I wrote today. Good leader should always motivate the team with his words as One single word can really change the whole meaning and it can disturb the whole harmony of the project/group.

Enthusiasm: A genuine leader should always be enthusiastic while working with the group. Whenever the leader is enjoying the work and eagerly waiting to complete the work, everyone else in the group will feel the same enthusiasm.

To be continued…

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