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How to get an A before the year ends ;)

This is it.

The last FULL official week of school before finals come and before all those late night cram sessions. Where did the time go!?

It’s been a crazy semester, and most of us probably still feel as if there is so much time left to bring our grades up, when in reality, we have a week left.

Are you on the borderline in some of your classes? Well try this out and boost that grade up to get the grade you really deserve in your class.

-With this last week, study throughout the week for your exams, instead of just the day before. It’ll make a difference, I promise.

Try studying in various places, not just in one spot. This helps me remember a lot more material. I usually study one subject in one spot, then for a different subject, I migrate somewhere else.

STUDY GROUPS! Sometimes you need a little motivation from others in order to help you concentrate. Plus, if you’re stuck on a concept that someone else knows, they can easily teach you what you’re confused on. Not only does it help you, it helps them too.

Exercise relieves stress. It’s true. Plus you will probably need a break, so go out for a run, walk, anything. It will help a lot.

Manage your time! No way are you going to be able to learn a semester’s worth of material overnight. Learn a few chapters each day.

-Be sure to ask professors for help during office hours! Trust me, they’ll be happy to help.

Hopefully this helps!! If you guys have any other study ideas be sure to comment below!




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