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How To Get Away With Murder Has Me Like…


how to get away with murder

So the title of the show “How to Get Away With Murder” speaks for itself, obviously starting off with a murder.

4 law students are terrified due to being involved in a murder, I mean who wouldn’t be terrified?

The show goes back 3 months when the semester started and we learn of Wes Gibbins, the student who Professor Keating is pushing him harder than the others. Professor Keating announces how the students in her class have to help her with her latest case of defending a CEO’s mistress from charges of an “attempted” murder. Professor Keating also mentions how the top 4 students who do an outstanding job will get spots at her practice.

The competition is on and students strive to be the best at this case and do some pretty sneaky things in order to get recognized. And when I say sneaky, I mean it is also deceptive and shows the students true colors.

The scene flashes forward 3 months later to the 4 students coming out of Professor Keating’s office late at night with a dead body rolled up in a rug and that’s when the cops show up.

When questioned about their doings, the kids are able to smooth talk the cops and are let go.

Back in the classroom, we learn that Connor, Michaela, Laurel, Asher are the ones who were selected to be in Professor Keating’s practice. However, Professor Keating states that since there is more work to be done, she decides to pick a fifth person. Surprisingly, Wes is chosen.

The show also focuses on a missing student, Lila Stangard, and towards the end, she is found dead floating in her sorority’s water tank. The body count just went from one, to two.

Finally, we learn who the 4 kids murdered is: Professor Keating’s husband, Sam. The show ends with the kids burning him in the woods.

This was the just the first episode. 

So this show already has me addicted and has me wanting answers to so many questions, with the main one being, “Why did the 4 law students kill Professor Keating’s husband?”. What do you guys think of the show so far?

Be sure to watch it every Thursday at 9 PM Central Time on ABC 😀


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