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how to stop buying things you don‘t need

i always like too many things when I go shopping and want to buy everything, but do i really need any of it? this question has saved me quite some wardrobe space and money over time. sometimes we buy an abundance of items out of spite, but not because we desperately need them.

i always want to buy a ton of clothes, but why should i when i have enough shirts and different types of bottoms to mix and match various outfits? using my money wisely for experiences and things i ACTUALLY need, like food, necessities, experiences, etc., has helped me save money and be grateful for what i have now.

i love to shop, but i have decreased my shopping sprees. saving helps with setting boundaries for yourself. it helps create a limit and see if you can reach your goal. SPLURGING ON YOURSELF IS OKAY, but not all the time. some examples you can give are when you have completed a goal you wanted to meet, you got a good grade on a really hard exam, and more life events.

you don’t need to buy everything you like, just once every month or so. ;)


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