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I Went To The Student Research Forum

And it was so cool! In case you missed it, the UIC Student Research Forum was on April 12th, in the UIC Forum. Students at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level were selected to present their work. The event started with poster viewing, the most important viewers being the three judges assigned to each student. UIC alumni and faculty served as judges for the day.

Not only did I attend the forum, I presented my research, too. I’ve been working on my Honors College capstone since the beginning of senior year, and the forum gave me an opportunity to share my research.


My poster and I at the UIC Student Research Forum 

The title of my presentation and paper is “Addicts, Dealers and Hood Dramas: The Representation of Black Americans and Drug Crime in Film.” I watched numerous films, but settled on New Jack City and Menace II Society, two films made in the 1990s about crime and everyday life in the inner city. I found that Hollywood tends to rely on a set narrative in order to portray black citizens involved in drug crime, and that it greatly differs from the representation of white drug crime.

Afterwards, a reception was held to feed all the hard working (and hungry) students. Finally, awards were given out at the end. While I did not win an award, the students that did all had wonderful and interesting research projects. I wasn’t able to see all of the posters at the forum, but I was impressed by what I did see. I am considering coming back next year to serve as a judge, so I can witness all of the intelligence and potential UIC students have to offer.


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