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Ideal Landing Spots For Each Top Prospect

Posted on March 08, 2019

There is a strong belief that some players become busts because of the teams that had drafted them. This could be because of wrongful positioning, limited minutes, or even the culture a team possesses.

A perfect example would be Tyreke Evans, the NBA’s Rookie of the year and All-rookie first team in 2010. Tyreke was filled with promising potential after his exceptional rookie year. He was viewed as the next great superstar, yet he never became one. During his tenure with the Sacramento Kings, they started to play Tyreke at the small forward position and other positions that weren’t his primary spot (Point Guard). Tyreke started to lose the feel for the game, which lead to his stats to crumble and his dreams to die.

Maybe Tyreke would’ve been a star if he had been drafted by a team who would let him play in his primary position. His story should scare prospects and make them be careful of which teams to look good for.

Now, let’s see the ideal teams for each top prospect of the upcoming 2019 NBA draft.

Phoenix Suns-Zion Williamson

As much as the Suns need a point guard, they need defense just as much. The Suns would be a perfect landing spot for Zion since they are also in need of a power forward. Zion would mark two of the Sun’s needs. It also doesn’t hurt that he possesses generational talent. A big three of Booker-Ayton-Williamson would be dangerous in the foreseeable future.

As for the point guard position, Sun’s would be heavy favorites to sign Terry Rozier this summer, especially with the cap space they have.

Projected 19’-20’ lineup: Rozier-Booker-Ayton-Bridges-Williamson

New York Knicks-RJ Barrett

RJ Barrett

Sports IllustratedRJ Barrett

Besides small forward, the Knicks have many open positions available. With rumors of Kyrie Irving departing this summer, the Knicks look like heavy favorites to land him this off-season. After recently dealing Porzingis and Hardaway Jr., the Knicks have created around $70 million in cap space for the upcoming summer. Look for Kyrie to sign a huge contract this summer.

Their second round pick, Mitchell Robinson, has played exceptional basketball this season. He is looking like the next Deandre Jordan because of his defense and lob threats. Knox has recently been playing like how he did in summer league, so his flashes will give him the nod to continue starting at small forward. If Irving decides to sign elsewhere, their newly acquisitioned point guard (Dennis Smith Jr.) will be able to continue starting for them too.

With point guard, small forward, and center covered, the Knicks should look at Barrett to fill in their shooting guard position. As a scorer and playmaker, Barrett would be the perfect secondary ball-handler the Knicks desperately need.

Projected 19’-20’ lineup: Irving-Barrett-Robinson-Knox-Vonleh

Chicago Bulls-Ja Morant

After acquiring Otto Porter Jr. last month, the Chicago Bulls now have only one starting position available, and that is point guard. Their current point guard, Kris Dunn, has been very disappointing this season and has shown no reason to continue starting next season.

Next season is his final contract year which is known for being huge motivation for players. However, the Bulls can’t take risks on a player who hasn’t even made significant improvements over the past two years.

For this reason, the Bulls are the ideal landing spot for Ja Morant. With a need for playmaking and defense, Ja fits the job description. His length would allow him to disrupt opponents offense while his speed and athleticism would be perfect for the Bulls who love to run. The Bulls would finally have a reliable ball-handler in Ja Morant.

Projected 19’-20’ lineup: Morant-LaVine-Carter Jr.-Porter-Markkanen


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