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If you think you’re hot, trying living in an attic!

This is where I live:


…and I don’t have AC!

Ok, my attic actually looks a lot nicer than that (though that almost exactly what it USED to look like!) but the part about AC is true.

But you know what? We have learned to cope. All it takes is a few fans, some cross-breeze and a lot of cold water. I’m telling you, I have never been so hyrated!

There are times though, when I just can’t stand it. When it’s 95 up there and I am cooking despite the air flowing bravely through my one window, I pack my computer and a blanket and head outside.

And by outside, I mean the roof.

On nights when I just can’t bear sleeping in a sauna, I make my bed up next to the big fir that grows over the side of the first floor roof and enjoy the night breeze. My roommates join me sometimes and I even recall a party where everyone crowded on the roof to take tequila shots!

And even though I sometimes get rained out or the sun starts rising in my face, it really is peaceful out there.

Sometimes it’s nice to find an alternative to all those conveniences we’re so used to. Makes me feel adventurous, like I’m accomplishing something. Never underestimate the sense of satisfaction that comes with survival!

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend turning off your AC to make a point, but have you ever tried to live without something you take for granted like…

a winter without gloves or a coat? (Not one of my best ideas)


a cellphone for a week? (One of the most peaceful time of my life!)

Think about it. What could you live without?

And because I can’t think of a song about attics bedrooms, I’m going with a cheesy, but favorite number that reminds me of night skies sleeping under stars and I’m definitely play it the next time I have an outdoor sleep over!

Go ahead and gag!


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