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Indie Binge: 5 Songs Which I Hope Will Cheer Up My Mom

My mother’s been a little upset lately. Between the recent election and the fact that Petco markets guinea pigs as Christmas presents, she’s had plenty to share on Facebook. I’ve counted over 30 articles shared on her timeline addressing President-elect Donald Trump. I picked the following tunes to cheer up my own mom, but of course, my mother isn’t the only one who could use a little music therapy. Anyone’s mother will surely find comfort in these 5 songs.


Local Natives – Coins

I only found this song when looking to fill out this list. Local Natives caught my attention with 2013’s album, Hummingbird. I hadn’t heard anything else from them until very recently, and I’m glad I did. Coins features a super chill, bouncy guitar-driven beat that’s tough to stop nodding your head to. As per usual with Local Natives, the spacey, melodic, and distinctly enunciated vocals top off the song perfectly.


Joni Mitchell – California

There’s nothing more happy than the sound of a carefree Joni Mitchell. In California, Mitchell writes about unsettling current events mixed with world travel and giving peace a chance. Her voice is inspiringly free, unrestrained, and hopeful. The way her notes and words effortlessly float around the rhythm guitar’s groove is incredibly soulful.


Andrew Bird – Give It Away

How can you not like Andrew Bird? His music is contemporary, inventive, witty, and super catchy. Plus, he’s a Chicago native. In Give It Away, Bird’s violin skills shine in a careful, expert arrangement of instruments. His wordplay is incredibly fun. He manages to fit phrases like “assured asphyxiation” into a sing-songy folk-rock song, alongside other topical lyrics.


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Our House

Our House is a song that anyone can sing along to. It’s physically exhausting to resist that chorus. To hear David Crosby, Steven Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young harmonize on the La La’s alone is enough for me to forget about the recent election and smile. Plus, what’s better than the fantasy of a very fine house, “with two cats in the yard.” The tone of CSNY’s Our House is nothing short of uplifting.


Tobias Jesso Jr. – The Wait

I’m not sure if my mom’s familiar with Tobias Jesso Jr.’s music, but The Wait is sure to cheer anyone up. The simple arrangement, the calm, smooth vocal delivery and the addictingly simple arrangement of acoustic guitar and bass drum thump makes this song a short, fun, uplifting tune. Tobias Jesso Jr. has only released one album, Goon, and it’s absolutely full of simple, instant-classic singer-songwriter jams.



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