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Indie Binge: Tame Impala Side Projects to Watch

Pond – Sweep Me Off My Feet

Pond has been releasing delightfully psychedelic Australian rock just as long as their sister-act, Tame Impala. Led by ex-Tame bassist Nick Allbrook, Pond is sweet, spacey, and silly. The first single from May’s release The Weather proves there are synthesizers and drum machines to spare in the Australian psych-rock scene. Sweep Me Off My Feet is a bubbly, charismatic, and exciting lead single which amplifies expectations for Pond’s upcoming album. New fans could mistake Pond for an off-brand Tame Impala. Fuzzy guitars, sugary synths, and poppy drums are all very familiar, but I’ll be careful not to dismiss Pond as a side project. Kevin Parker’s involvement is difficult to see around. He often mixes and produces for the group, and played drums on many of their older releases. However, Pond is a unique force with a solid outlook, and I’m very excited for The Weather, coming May 5th.


Cameron Avery – Wasted on Fidelity

Cameron Avery, current Tame Impala bassist, has released music previously as grungy alternative-rock band The Growl. Released under his real name, Wasted on Fidelity marks a change to a gentler baritone croon and sets the stage for his March 10th solo album, Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams. Avery’s music is a far cry from the synthesizer-drowned haze of his contemporaries, his releases mimicking the singer-songwriter vibe of Father John Misty more than any psych-rock jams. His romantic songwriting is charming, elegant, and straightforward.


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