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Catching up with rapper French Montana before his performance at Bottom Lounge on Friday, March 8 in Chicago.


With his album releasing on May 21 and his new “Freaks” video featuring Nicki Minaj premiering this week, French Montana has much to look forward to. With his current hits “Pop That” and “Shot Caller” already popular in clubs nationwide, “Freaks” is expected to be another nightlife hit.

When we asked French Montana the reasoning behind the reggae theme for his new video, he stated he wanted to try something different with his sound. When asked how it was working with Nicki Minaj, Montana stated, “Me and Nicki go way back and it’s always a pleasure working with her.” Montana also told us he has worked with various Chicago artists and definitely believes that Chicago is on the map.

During the one-on-one with Montana, he let us know that his mother is his idol and he thanks God everyday for his blessings. When preparing for a performance, he makes sure to take a couple shots of Patron, say a prayer, and do his thing. Jokingly, when asked what his name would be if it wasn’t French Montana, he shouts “Moroccan Montana!”

We thank French Montana for his time and wish him the best of luck in the future. Be sure to check out the new “Freaks” video-listen and enjoy.


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