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It Can Wait: Lorde’s Back

This week, my blog post is going to be part informational article, part stream of consciousness, and 100% full of excitement. This is because for the past week I have only had one thing on my mind: Lorde. Upholding her reputation as everyone’s favorite Kiwi musical goddess, Lorde is finally giving us the first glimpse of her long-awaited sophomore album, AKA it’s time to drop everything and give her your full attention.

Lorde in 2015

I’m not usually one for female vocalists; I stick to my punk rock bands with greasy, bearded frontmen. But for me, Lorde was essentially a prophet on her debut record Pure Heroine; she exposed the underbelly of teenage girlhood in a way that spoke to me on an almost cellular level. That album wholly defined my experience as an adolescent, and defined my last year of high school and the transition into adulthood. I associate each and every track on that album with a memory, or a feeling, or a dream. Every time I listen to Pure Heroine, I do so from start to finish, no shuffle or skipping. In doing so, it is like reading the diary that I was too lazy and thought I was too cool to keep, a way to vividly relive flashbulb memories from the past years, like how it felt to blast “Buzzcut Season” as I drove too fast with my windows rolled down, or how beautiful the sun setting behind the skyline looked when I saw her perform at Lollapalooza in 2014, where “Ribs” ethereally echoed off of the buildings and I was sure I was in the middle of living the best moment of my life.

part of an album teaser projection in Auckland on Tuesday 

Today, Lorde released the lead single off of her second record, which we now know is titled Melodrama, and it feels like Christmas morning. The track, titled “Green Light” is accompanied by a video directed by top-4o go-to director Grant Singer. Lorde heightened the suspense by tweeting that this new single is “very different” and will make us dance, and boy, was she right. Less than 3 full seconds into the track I was hooked, convinced that this new album will, like her first, change my life in ways that I never could have expected. Do yourself a massive favor, and take a listen to the song below:



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