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It just won’t leave my head!

Have you ever experienced that one song that gets stuck in your head and, no matter what you do, you just have no hope of ever getting it out anytime soon?

Basically, that’s the story of my life.

I couldn’t tell you one instance in my life where I haven’t had a song stuck in my head. It’s like my brain has to constantly have some music playing in it in order for me to function. Fortunately, they’re generally all good songs that I typically don’t mind replaying over and over in my head (although others may disagree when it leaves my mind when I begin to sing, in which case I get various dirty looks and often get yelled at. To which my response is “I’m sorry! It just won’t leave my head!”)

A good, recent example is Vampire Weekend’s song “Hannah Hunt.” Can I just mention how perfect that song is? Nearly everyone I’ve met who’s listened to Modern Vampires of the City have said the same. It seems to be a fan favorite.

So I thought I’d share this wonderful song with you lovely people in the hopes that I will get it just as stuck in your head as it has been in mine for the past few days.



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