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It’s Adventure Time!!


Let’s just get one thing straight – I really, really love Cartoon Network’s show, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. And I personally think more people could like it too, if they just knew a little bit more about it.

Adventure Time is about two bros, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. Finn is the only known human in existence, and Jake is a magic talking dog who can stretch and grow into any shape and size. The duo travels all over post-apocalyptic world, the Land of Ooo, fighting bad guys, namely the Ice King, and protecting the numerous princesses of the various kingdoms that exist there. While on their adventures, Finn and Jake meet a number of new friends along the way, including Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom and Marceline the Vampire Queen. Not to mention, the Land of Ooo exists in a time after a war, called The Great Mushroom War, where magic exists again. Call it the nerd in me, but I don’t see how people can say the show doesn’t sound cool.

Granted, yes, this is a cartoon, and many people don’t consider it a TV show – or at least one worth watching. But why rule it out as an option just because it’s a cartoon? While it is a cartoon, Adventure Time reaches way beyond a kid-oriented audience – a majority of its viewers are teenagers, and even people in their early 20s.

Plus, the show has its own song writers, and many of the songs they write are often stuck in my head because they’re so awesome. Here are a few of my favorites: “Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries” – This one is a classic, and a much-loved song of the Adventure Time fandom. In this song, Marceline the Vampire Queen sings about how she wishes her father would be more involved in her life. Later on in the episode “Into the Nightosphere,” she makes amends with her father with the help of her friend Finn. “What Am I To You” – The main singer in this song is Finn, trying to convince his friends to stay with him in order to open the door behind them, which the Door Lord locked them out of after stealing their personal belongings. Eventually Marceline joins in singing and playing her famous axe bass, along with Princess Bubblegum as backup vocals and Jake on his viola. “Bad Little Boy” – This song takes place in the second genderbent episode of the TV series – where all the characters’ genders are swapped and created into new characters in an alternate world that the Ice King creates. Here, Marceline’s genderbent character, Marshall Lee, duets with genderbent Finn, Fionna. The genderbend episodes are just as awesome as the regular ones, in my opinion.

While these are only a handfull of all the great songs throughout the series, I hope those songs gave you a better look at Adventure Time, and hopefully you’ll be more interested in checking it out if you haven’t already! Let me know what you think!


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