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It’s Art!: The Bug Club & Tension Pets at Sleeping Village

Written by Anna Marek and Daniela Guerrero

Nov 10th

Having the chance to visit Sleeping Village, anytime, is an incredible experience. Once again, they continue to be one of the best, if not the best, Chicago venues. Creating an unbeatable intimate atmosphere, Sleeping Village allows you to enjoy your favorite artists with a whole different perspective. No need to fight thousands of people to even get a glimpse of the show, you can enjoy the show comfortably and it still feels like an intimate experience. The sound quality is always spectacular with super fun and colorful lights to highlight the musicians. A really cool element that’s not normally incorporated into many concerts was a projection of the artist’s logo in the middle of the stage. It added another visual dimension to the show that elevated the sets.

To get in the fall spirit we had the chance to enjoy some ciders before the concert started and were fascinated by the music selection at the bar, not to mention the lovely candles placed around the tables!

Sleeping Village gave us the wonderful opportunity to give away four free tickets on our radio shows The Sound Affect on Tuesdays at 3pm and Sage Mode radio on Thursdays at 7pm. One of the winners stated “The bug club is an underground band but they’re rocking as if they’ve sold out a whole stadium. The band members had great chemistry with each other, played really well, and they were energetic, keeping the age diverse crowd alive and entertained!”

That very night was Tension Pets’ first ever show, the new synthesizer-punk band from Chicago had everyone bopping to their beats. If you haven’t checked them out just yet, don’t lose another second! Their unique alternative sound leaves us no doubt that they will soon become a local favorite. Not only their music and stage presence left us speechless, but their revolutionary use of their platform. Drummer, Wendy Zeldin, looked absolutely divine wearing a Palestine will be free shirt. At a time where there is so much pain in the world, the band reminded us of the importance of always using your voice (or drums) to fight for human rights. Music has always been tied to revolution, music moves us and when we saw this gesture, we danced harder.

After their set they came and enjoyed with the audience the energetic and colorful performance of The Bug Club! Follow Tension Pets on instagram and stay tuned! @tensionpets

The Bug Club, formed in 2016, garnering a fanbase reaching all ages with their spunky indie rock music that creates a fantastical tale out of the mundane. They’ve released four EP’s, a studio album, a live album, and we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what they’re cooking up. To keep up with their music, follow The Bug Club on Instagram @thebugclubband

From Calidicot, Monmouthshire (quite the mouthful) to Chicago, Illinois, they brought a new sound to Sleeping Village. Keeping the audience on their feet, the trio was dedicated to giving the performance their all, they have been on tour since August and they still rocked as if they had been missing the stage. Yes you read that right! The party started with the European Union, stopping by the United Kingdom, and then rocking all the way to the United States and Canada. The band has been playing non stop and their last stop is coming up soon on Nov 18th in Philadelphia. We tried our best to capture their energy, but if you have the chance make sure you’re able to see them in person!

Check out some of our favorite songs!

Anna’s fav song: "It’s Art" - from their 2022 album, Green Dream In F#

Daniela’s fav song: "Marriage" from their latest album Rare Birds: Hour of Song

To wrap up, shoutout to Sleeping Village for helping us amplify the voices of such incredible artists!



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