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it will be okay

i used to compare my life so much to others. i say this all the time to my peers, but social media is really fake. you know i love instagram; i love to post, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that not everything is real.

i can post that i am so happy, but i am really not. i used to feel this way a lot until i found my person. you don’t need a large group of people if they aren’t going to be genuine. i learned it the hard way, with having a big heart and opening it up to the wrong people. it is very draining to be someone you’re not around these types of people because you always have to reach some type of expectation and am always seeking their validation. of course, a lot of this comes from my younger self, but i really wish i’d just focused on myself a lot sooner.

learning to love yourself and figuring yourself out in terms of your hobbies, talents, etc. is way more interesting than spending time with fake people. in other words, you will find your person, whether they're in a romantic or friendly relationship.

a soulmate goes both ways.


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