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Joe Budden’s All Love Lost Tour In Chicago, with Emanny, D2G, and Super Fresh Bros [Interview]


Slaughterhouse member, and Jersey City’s own Joe Budden is coming through with new heat off his latest album “All Love Lost.” Whether you are a new or old fan of Joe, “All Love Lost” is reason enough to make you understand the hype behind the music of BuddenJoe recently stop through to Chicago, at The Promontory, with his All Love Lost Tour. Hitting up 16 cities with Stanhope, NJ. being it’s last stop. Chicago’s own D2G and Super Fresh Bros were opening acts for the show. It was a full house, and they rocked the crowd and represented Chi City! DJs on deck were DJ Mile High and DJ Manti.  I got a chance to get interviews with the artists, check just below.

d2g joe budden all love lost promontory chicago 2015

D2G has been in the Chicago Hip Hop scene making waves, with his EP “Short Summers, Long Winters.” He had the crowd hype and wanting more as he performed tracks like “I Got It”, “Hydroplanin”, and “The Quest.” Here’s an interview with D2G.

d2g joe budden all love lost promontory chicago 2015 dj manta

B Roc – This was your first time performing at the Promontory and rocking it out! How does it feel? D2G –  For this to be my first time rocking at the Promontory as being on the bill, it was a feeling indescribable!! A full house, and all of them cheering and asking for an encore. No other feeling like it!

B Roc – What can the fans expect from you next? D2G – Fans should expect more shows throughout the city, visuals coming soon, and taking my EP “Short Summers, Long Winters” national.

B Roc – Have you heard his latest album “All Love Lost”, and if so what are your thoughts? D2G – I’ve heard quite a few tracks from the “All Love Lost” album. It’s the Joe Budden I remember. Bars with emotion! The type that speaks to the real in an individual. That’s how I got in tuned with Joe in the first place.

B Roc – Give us a back story on one of your favorite tracks off of your album “Short Summers Long Winters?” D2G – If I had to choose any joint to share the story, it’d be “Hydroplanin.” The sample in the song comes from The Stylistics “Mine All Mine” record. It was my Auntie Althea’s favorite record to step to. My aunt passed two years ago, so this record is my way of paying tribute to her.

super fresh bros joe budden all love lost promontory chicago 2015

Chicago’s own Hip Hop duo Super Fresh Bros were also an opening act for Joe Budden. They had the crowd rocking with them as they performed tracks “Insert Coins”, “Talkin Smack”, and “No Sleep.” Got a chance to get a quick interview with them… here’s what they had to say.

B Roc – What can the fans expect from you next? C$ – I’m currently working on a project myself called “$$$ Wave”, that should be released before Christmas. And we have two projects, together as SFB, currently in the works. Nate – Yeah we are working on an all video game project and our album “Genesis.” Plenty moves on the way for our supporters, so stay in tune!

B Roc – You guys are hardcore gamers! What made you decide to bring both worlds of Hip Hop and Gaming together in your music? Nate – Two things we love and can’t live without, why not merge them together?! C$ – What Nate said! (laughs) Also, it is much easier to rap about real life other than portray a life that we aren’t even living. Being ourselves is the best thing we can do with our music.

B Roc – Tell us a few things you like about Joe Budden and his music, and his latest album “All Love Lost.” Nate – Joe Budden is one of the most lyrical, versatile storytellers in the game of Hip Hop! I can respect that about him. He is always personal in his music and literally wears his heart on his sleeve. C$ – I agree with Nate on this one. His new album “All Love Lost” is VERY personal. You can almost get lost within the album if you aren’t already a fan of Joe’s music.

B Roc – You guys were an opening act for Joe Budden at the Promontory. How does it feel?.. Thoughts? Nate – It feels exciting, it was our first time being at the Promontory and the crowd was Lit!!! C$ – Yes, and we got so much love from that show, people took pics, bought merch and fully supported us on our first performance there!! Worst part of the show is me losing my one of a kind SFB hoodie but hopefully someone has it and wears it with pride! (laughs)


R&B artist Emanny is also on tour along with Joe Budden. His smooth vocals along Joe’s hard hitting bars, make for a dynamic Hip Hop & R&B duo! I caught up with Emanny and here’s what he had to say.

B Roc – How did you get started within music? Emanny – I started out at a young age, with an all boys choir in Harlem. And we traveled the world performing gospel music. By the time I turned 16 years old, I decided to make it a career.

B Roc – How did you and Joe Budden link up? Emanny – We had the same manager at the time, and she decided to pair us together. And ever since then we’ve been making good music together. And we’ve been doing so for about 7 to 8 years now.

B Roc – Do you have any projects for fans to be on the look out for? Emanny – I just released my latest project called “Ms. 4 AM.” It has about 6 dope tracks. And I have 3 projects previous to that. They are all on iTunes, and really dope projects that all play in to a story of one women, and it’s a continuous story.

B Roc – What do you like to do when you’re in Chicago?  Emanny – I like to walk around downtown! Any place I go, I like to be one with the city. See how the people do their thing, how they live. Take time to appreciate where they are from. Any time you step in to someone’s backyard… you gotta come and show their backyard love. I really like to be one with people.

During Joe Budden’s and Emanny’s stop here in Chicago, Joe took to the gram, showing some love to “The Bucket Boys”, while in downtown Chicago.

And it looks like the weather was on their side that day.

 joe budden emanny all love lost promontory chicago 2015

Joe Budden had The Promontory lit as he blazed the stage. The crowd was with Joe going word for word as he performed tracks with Emanny such as Only Human, Immortal, Broke, and Playing Our Part. Joe took a moment to get personal with the crowd and speak in memory of his pastor that recently passed away. He shared how supportive his pastor was to him, but how he also had his own share of demons to battle. Joe and his pastor shared this in common, which made him appreciate their bond that much more.

joe budden all love lost promontory chicago 2015

With lyrical bars that hit the heart and soul, sharing joy and pain, and baring his soul and leaving it all on the mic. These are the things that holds Joe’s loyal fans down like an anchor.

joe budden all love lost promontory chicago 2015 emanny

I asked Joe how he felt about the violent occurrence in Paris that happened the same evening as the show. He said “It’s devastating… my heart goes out to the people in Paris.” 

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joe budden all love lost tour 2015

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