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Jpegmafia at Thalia Hall featuring Zeelooperz

Hello, I am Nathaniel Herrera and I am a big fan of music. You can even find my own on Spotify under Ugly Nate! I have become known as the Spotify person by my friends, but I am much more than that. I am also on Apple Music, Tidal, and Deezer to name a few.

I am starting this blog post to write about my concert experiences as I have recently gotten into attending more concerts. My very first concert was Tyler, the Creator’s Igor tour at the Credit Union One Arena and it has still been the best one I have been to so far. Although I am not a veteran to concerts, I have spent a lot of time watching online performances with my favorites being from Car Seat Headrest.

I ended up going to a Jpegmafia show since my friend, and fellow bandmate, Zach Vaz offered me his extra ticket to the show last minute. I have seen a live performance of Jpegmafia’s at the Pitchfork Music Festival and was intrigued by the amount of energy he puts into his shows. I appreciate his music and was a big fan of Veteran, but had not heavily listened to him since All My Heroes Are Cornballs. I received the text from Zach during my show at 7:30pm and was able to make it to Thalia Hall a little after Zelooperz started performing.

Zelooperz was entertaining to watch as he rapped his songs, even though I’m not too familiar with them. I was sad to have missed his performance of “Battery” which was my favorite song on Van Gogh’s Left Ear, but his whole set was a nice starter for Jpegmafia.  I appreciate how he rapped all the lyrics instead of just yelling over the track. My favorite part was when he played “Just For Me” by Pinkpantheress.

After some time, Jpegmafia came out and I was not disappointed. His set list was a good balance of his most popular songs as well as some that were lesser known, or were newer. The pacing was pretty good since it wasn’t just moshing the whole time. The crowd was also pretty respectful of each other and a man even let me tie my shoe while it was very crowded.

I thought it was really cool to see him perform “Chain On” because he made the crowd form a path down the middle and walked back and forth. However, I was being bothered by this lady who was pushing everyone over with her behind and being very disrespectful; this really took me out of the moment since I turned around to tell them to stop. But then I turned around to realize Peggy was right in front of me rapping his verse.

My favorite parts were mostly songs from Veteran like “1539 N. Calvert” and “Baby I’m Bleeding.” This was because I knew these songs well and they were the most energetic songs he performed. The buildups in these songs are great which make them a lot of fun to see live. I also really liked his performance of “Free the Frail” as it is just a very beautiful song and was a nice calm point of the set.

Overall this was a solid show. I just wish I had listened more to his last album LP! so I could have known the songs better.

My Concert Ranking: Tyler, the Creator Jpegmafia Lil Tecca Kanye West’s Donda



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