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Just Teenage Talk

Hey guys! As it may be known by now, I really, really love an artist named Annie Clark, otherwise known as St. Vincent. I’ve pretty much had her new self-titled album on repeat since it came out last year. So, it could easily be assumed that I flipped out when I heard she released another new song, titled “Teenage Talk”.

A few days ago, Clark performed “Teenage Talk” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but released the official version shortly before the performance. Originally, however, the song premiered on HBO’s Girls.

The song seems like a perfect anthem for reflecting on the awkward, angsty teenage years. Clark croons the words “That’s just teenage talk/ I don’t think the past is better, better/ Just cause it’s cased in glass/protecting us from our now and later.”

In an exclusive interview for the song, Clark describes the meaning behind the song with the memories of growing up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas with her friends. She explains, “We were kind of outsiders and we had to find our way through suburban Texas childhood…and so I wrote this song in the memory of our fun times together.”

In a way this song resonates a lot with me, as I grew up in the suburbs of the city I now call home, Chicago. Even though my teenage years are drawing to a close, this song fills me with the vibes of growing up and having great times with my closest friends.

Listen to “Teenage Talk” below, and tell me what you think of it by commenting and sharing!


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