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Kanye West for President 20/20 vision


It is not often that antics at Video Music Awards make it to the New Yorker. Myself being a political science major and Kanye West historian believe that if Americans are seriously considering Donald Trump’s for president then Kanye West’s bid for president in 2020 is not too far off.  Let’s imagine outspoke and eccentric rapper as President through his lyrics:

Kanye West stance on the Issues:

Foreign Policy: All clothes, cars and women must be foreign. An expert in foreign relations? “Rain pouring all my cars foreign, all my broads foreign

Immigration: Kanye West will be an equal opportunity President claims he likes them “brown, yellow, Puerto Rican, or Persian”

Police Brutality: An advocate of the people? “I say f*** the police that’s how I treat em’ we buy our way out of jail but can’t buy freedom”

Minimum Wage: Increased wages for the working man?  ‘I’ve been working this grave shift and I ain’t made s*** I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky”

What are your thoughts would you vote for Kanye West as president? Tune in Fridays’ 2-4pm The Pop Show By Ashlee Jordan for more Smart Talk, Information, and Controversies. Follow @heirjordan92 on Instagram!!


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