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Keep the Faith In Hoiberg, Bulls

To all concerned about the Chicago Bulls,

Breathe. Soften your stance. Our beloved Bulls will be just fine.

I understand that the beginning of the season has been bizarre in several different fashions. Our squad defeated two elite teams in the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder, and lost to two teams from the gutter in the Charlotte Hornets and Minnesota Timberwolves. The inconsistency has been mind boggling, I get it. However, relinquishing your trust in Head Coach Fred Hoiberg is a mistake.


Maybe many people are quick to jab Hoiberg because of their deep appreciation for former Head Coach Tom Thibodeau. Don’t worry, I get that too.

Thibs got a raw deal.

The front office was conniving. They treated Thibs like a liability when he should have been celebrated for his daily approach that included high energy, intensity and effort. They took shots at his personality. They branded him “out of touch.”

Thibs didn’t deserve that.

Thibs preached about the grit and grind, and that was reflected in the rapid development of Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah. Both elevated their levels of play by outworking opponents. For that, we should always thank Tom Thibodeau. However, to have a realistic shot at a ring, this team needed to grow offensively.

Fred Hoiberg is an offensive guru.

If you are thinking, “it hasn’t been evident on the floor yet,” you are probably the person who doesn’t wait five minutes for a table at a restaurant or for your bae to finish getting ready so you can go out. I can’t help that person. But to all those who are still questioning, I preach patience.

Before I was a student at UIC, I had a front row seat to Hoiberg’s infinite magic. I attended Iowa State University and saw Fred win two Big 12 tournament titles. I saw him overcome Kansas on three occasions and stick it to North Carolina in the tournament in 2014. To say Fred was an icon in Ames, Iowa, is the understatement of the year.

Fred was Jesus freaking Christ.

Who cares, you say? College doesn’t translate to the NBA, you argue? Oh, so you are also the guy who grins at the sight of someone who used to be hot but is now only average. Congratulations. If you want to stop being that guy, then you should remember that Fred played in the NBA for 10 years.

He ran an NBA system in college, and one that brought basketball success to the farmland of Iowa. One that consistently finished in the top 10 in points per game and offensive efficiency. One that consistently exploited mismatches and played with pace and space. That is what the Bulls have needed. That is what translates to the NBA.

Fred will be successful and so will the Bulls.

Just give them a chance.



As always, flame on.



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