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Kim Is At It Again….

Once again, Kim Kardashian is trying to break the internet with her latest selfie. Earlier today Kim posted a selfie of her naked with black bars censoring out other parts of her. I don’t mind Kim Kardashian too much she does her own thing and I respect her for that, but was this really necessary? Is this because she is simply feeling herself (I do have to admit she is beautiful), or is this another cry for attention.


I have been a fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians since the beginning, and I have always liked Kim, but this latest stunt makes me step back and wonder”why?”. Why was this nude selfie so necessary, I’m not someone who is important enough to tell her what she should do, if she is proud of her body, then flaunt it, and she has an amazing body I’ll admit it 100%! However, I have seen her on the show throughout the years and I have gained respect for her when she has tried to save her name and show people she is more than just a sex symbol. She is a smart business woman, and is a beautiful model, but with this latest selfie, she is infusing the bad name she is trying to avoid. So I wonder, is this just her being the confident person she is showing the world she’s still hot after two babies, or is this just another attempt to “break the internet”.

Kim Kardashian will never go away, her name and fame will be here for a long time, which is great but what does she want to be remembered for? A great business woman who stands up for what she believes in, or a person who got fame for just being famous. I wish all the best for Kim but she should just take a break from social media and just focus on her and her family. She is a great mother with two adorable children and a husband who is obsessed with her. Social media can wait.


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