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Kim Petras Serves Techno Goth Pop with Turn Off The Light VOL.2

Posted on October 01, 2019

Turn off the Lights Cover Art

Turn off the Lights Vol. 2 Cover Art

Boo-ah, Bunheads!

It’s Halloween (szn)!

October 1st made its debut appearance of the year at midnight as Kim Petras dropped Volume 2 of her Halloween themed album, Turn Off The Light (TOTL).

Petras first created October back in 2018 when she released Volume 1 of TOTL. The album served as one for the clubs with dance-heavy-beats and chilling synths.

The eight tracks followed the Halloween spirit with titles such as, Tell Me It’s A Nightmare, Boo! Bitch!, and TRANSylvania, and also included a feature from the iconic Halloween figure, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Given that the German pop-star was typically known for her sweet and sugary rainbow era music at the time, with singles including I Don’t Want It At All and Heart To Break, it was a new take for Petras to release a project as devilish and dark as TOTL VOL. 1.

Kim Petras Serves Techno Goth Pop with Turn Off The Lights Vl.2

Kim Petras

Image via Lucas David @lucasbavid

TOTL VOL. 1 ended up being the adrenal rush that fed my mania.

It gave us some of Petras’s best work to date (i.e. the delicious and vicious chorus in Close Your Eyes and the chaotic German verse in In The Next Life), so I had high hopes and expectations for TOTL VOL. 2

Looking at the track list of nine new songs, the titles sounded promising with tracks such as, Death By Sex, There Will Be Blood, and Purgatory.

After giving the new project a few listens, I can easily say TOTL VOL. 2 gives us the dark and sultry bops I was hoping for. Each track transitions into each other so smoothly while offering edgy and euphoric club beats.

Death By Sex gives us a fresh trap moment that seems to be influenced by Petras’s album, Clarity, that was released back in June. The track plays into the Halloween theme with lyrics such as, “Give you the face, serve you the body, skinniest waist / You’ll be missin’ me in the afterlife / You’re never gonna make it out alive.

Massacre serves sexy goth realness with a haunting production. Petras highlights her vocal abilities on this track while singing, “Bites on your neck / can’t dodge a hex / show me respect…/ ashes to ashes, dust to dust / gotta die to feel alive…/ it’s gonna be a massacre.

It’s refreshing to have a pop artist like Petras who delivers a Halloween album filled with demons, death, and sex, instead of going the traditional holiday route most pop artists take of producing jolly and corny Christmas tracks.

Petras really knows how to take Halloween to a whole new dimension and I swear to god the woo-ah beyotch better give us a third volume next October.

So girls and gays, with that being said, grab your poppers and a Red Bull…put TOTL on replay…and let’s get partying this Halloween szn.


Petras has combined TOTL VOL.1 & VOL.2 into a full length album, Turn Off The Light, and is now available on all streaming platforms.

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