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“Legend” Listening Party – MC Lyte

I remember ridin round town wit my fam, bumpin our favorite songs by our favorite female rappers!! Straight Blaaastin thru the speakaz!! Salt ‘N’ Peppa, YoYo, Queen Latifah, TLC and saving the best for last, yours truly MC Lyte. Regardless of what songs were trending at the time, the queens stayed in heavy rotation. “The fellaz would get their play, but the queens have got to stay!!” A famous quote from my cousin, that cracks everybody up. She would say it at the drop of a dime, let anyone dare challenge her choice in song selection. Lol. Fast forward to 2015, I still get hype whenever I see the queens perform. And getting the news that MC Lyte has come from behind the turntables, as a DJ, to return behind the mic with her latest album “Legend”, was really dope to hear! Now all I need is for all the queens to join forces and do a collab album… and I can die in Hip Hop heaven!! … a girl can dream…


Entering The Promontory, where the listening party was held, you walk in… and your ears are welcomed by old school Hip Hop music. It had a cool upscale, with a touch of casual kinda vibe. Hip Hop and House heads were definitely in the building. DJ Jermaine held it down, on the 1’s and 2’s, movin the crowd.


Chicago’s own female emcee, Rita J was the opening act for the listening party. Rita’s sound had a classic Hip Hop feel to it that was fitting for the event. Rita also sat in with Lyte for the Q&A portion of the evening. They covered topics such as life lessons, worthy mentions and notable works in Lyte’s career… in short “Lyte was droppin mad knowledge son!!” lol


Lyte spoke about her single “Dear John” featuring Common and 10 Beats. She told us how she had done work with Common on his album “Like Water For Chocolate” and how having him as a feature on ” Dear John” was “a favor for a favor.” It’s cool to know a back story on a collaboration… especially one such as this one. Knowing two legends in Hip Hop kept true to their word and their bond, and the promise stood the test of time to produce classics!!

I enjoyed the album in it’s entirety. The works of “Legend” is MAD DOPE!! The track “Last Time” is an anthem for the ladies! If your finished with your man, and you have had it!!… This  track would def be your JAM!! “Last Time” features Coko from SWV, and Faith Evans. “Check” is the Go Gettaz anthem! IT’S FYE!! Lyte gives you a mix of the same flow you love and know… but she also shows she’s picked up a few new flows along the way. Old skool Hip Hop meets new skool by way of MC Lyte, makes for a awesome fusion that only leaves you hoping she drops this album to the masses much sooner than later.

Music off the album are available via livesteam on the MC Lyte app. You can download the app via the Apple store or Google Play.


Here’s the video to her single “Ball” which will also feature on the album “Legend.” Check it below.

The album “Legend” is sure to be another classic album, amongst the host of classic albums before it. The name speaks for itself… whenever it drops, this album is sure to indeed be a “Legend.”

For all things LYTE, check her site

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