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Local Witnesses Discover That Pigs Really Can Fly

This past weekend, witnesses reported sightings of a flying pig soaring through the skies in the Loop, near the corner of W. Monroe and S. Clark.

But this wasn’t a real flying pig, per say, just an amazing place to get some spectacular brunch (which is arguably better).

Cochon Volant (meaning flying pig in French) is a bakery/restaurant/brasserie/bar located in the Loop that serves classic French cuisine and offers three separate menus: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I had the pleasure of dining here over the weekend and was blown away by my experience.

The atmosphere was captivating. The bistro’s open layout and architecturally astonishing ceiling fixtures were quite pleasing to the eye (photo below as reference).


Photo taken by Erin Hooley – Chicago Tribune

This sleek, urban sophistication paired with a color palette of warm earth tones and pops of citrus hues made me feel extremely welcomed. The waitstaff was also quite welcoming and conversational, might I add.

Naturally, I chose to experience their brunch menu because the only thing better than breakfast food is fancy breakfast food that is permissible to eat well into the afternoon.

Upon viewing the menu, my first instinct was to order something outrageously decadent, like their “Le Chocolat” Nutella waffles, but I ever so boldly urged myself to try something foreign to me: biscuits and gravy served with duck—which I shamelessly snapped a picture of for you.


Rolands biscuit, duck confit, and foie gravy topped with two eggs over easy – Original Photography

I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my choice. The biscuits were plush, yet flaky and delicate, the duck was tender and perfectly seasoned, the gravy was flavorful and comforting, and the egg yolks were ideally runny—and sourced locally.

My only complaint is that I was so engrossed and satiated by the generosity of the dish that I couldn’t finish my last biscuit. However, I was not discouraged enough to walk out without a treat for later.


Birthday cake macaroons – Original Photography

I highly recommend making the trip over, whether it’s down the street from you or a bit of a trek, but if you aren’t convinced, they give you this adorable post card with your bill (seriously, worth it).


Does it get any cuter than this?

I have mine prominently displayed on my cork board to serve as a reminder of my aspirations to someday be this cute, and to prompt me to return to try the rest of their menu(s) sometime soon.

Check out Cochon Volant’s website to view their menu and follow them on Instagram to see what all the buzz is about; those photos will make a believer out of you yet, I swear.

Until next time,



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