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Aside from having the best Pizza, hot dogs and burgers, Chicago is definitely on the map for having some of the best chicken wings in the country. Although the chain restaurants are known to have good wings, step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised to find what real chicken wings are (sorry wingstop). Every summer we set adventures or something different we want to do. This year I compiled a list of awesome bars, grills, restaurants and lounges all across the city of Chicago that I’ve heard good things from as far as their wings.

The list contains 30 different locations of places with wing specials sorted from Monday to Sunday. The goal is to randomly go to every spot on the list, have their wing special and rate them (0-100%) based off flavor, wing quality, service, sauce and price + size (yes, size matters). Those that score an average of at least 70 of 100 I will return, while those that score below 60/100 will never see me or my #RealFriends again. The letters next to the score is a letter grade, because…well, just because. The (J) next to the price indicates that the wings are jumbo.

Below is the table of the list I’m talking about, including the neighborhoods they are located in, the date I went to visit them, and any rules or times included in the deal. Feel free to add any suggestions, corrections and connections to the list on the comments below, and let me know if you’re interested in coming to any of these places with me! #LongLiveTheWings Follow us on Instagram for more adventures and shenanigans: @CeaseDays@TheHomeBoyTyler @KeepItFlashy



25c: Wild Goose Bar & Grill (Ravenswood)

25c: F. O’Mahony’s (Wrigleyville)

25c: Jack & Gingers (Logan Square)

25c: The Rail (Ravenswood) *J

35c: Output Lounge (West Town)-92% (A)

35c: Hawkeye’s (University Village) – After 3pm [May 16, 2016]-38% (F)


25c: Racine Plumbing (Lincoln Park)

35c: Vintage Lounge (University Village) (L) [Feburary 13, 2017]-86% (B)

35c: Irish Oak (Wrigleyville)

35c: Sully’s House (Old Town) (J) – After 4pm [May 24, 2016]-74% (C)

40c: Reggie’s Rock Club (South Loop) (J) – After 2pm, with a drink [May 17, 2016]-86% (B)

WED. 10c: Select Ultra Lounge (West Ridge) – At least 15

25c: Five Star Bar (Wicker Park) – After 4pm

50c: McFadden’s (Gold Coast ) – Until 7pm

50c: Kelly’s Pub (Lincoln Park)

50c: Bar 10 Doors (University Village) (J) [July 14, 2015]-74% (C)


50c: Kincade’s (Lincoln Park) (J) – With a drink

35c: Birds Nest (Lincoln Park) [Nov 20, 2016]-92% (A)

50c: Small Bar Avondale

50c: Weather Mark Tavern (South Loop) [Jan 04, 2017]-81% (B)


25c: Lion Head Pub Lincoln Park – 4-7pm w/ Drink

25c: Black Rock Pub (Lakeview) (J)

50c: Lottie’s Pub (Wicker Park) (J)

50c: Guide’s Sports Bar (Garfield Ridge) – 4-6pm [Nov 05, 2017]-79% (C)

SAT. 25c: Third Rail Tavern (West Loop)

25c: Polk Street Pub (+M/W) (West Loop) – After 3pm [Jul 13, 2016]-82% (B)


15c: Bar Celona (Wrigleyville)

30c: Kendall’s (+T) (Lincoln Park) – After 2pm

50c: Birds Nest (Lincoln Park) [Oct 02, 2016]-92% *J

50c: The Beer Bistro (West Loop) [May 22, 2016]-78% (C)

50c: Brisku’s Bistro (North Center) *J


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