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Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love”.

-Maya Angelou

valentines day

Well first off, I hope everyone has a wonderful day ahead of them. Valentine’s day is not just about being with a significant other, it’s about spending time with the people you love and making the most of the day.

Most of the time we portray “Valentine” as someone we have a romantic interest in. That’s not true.

Your valentine can be a friend, family member, or even a pet.

For those that are single, make the most of today by spending time with those who care about you because in the end, what really matters is being by the ones you love and care for you.

valentines day2

Here are a few ideas on what to do for this holiday:

  1. Go out for food. Everyone loves food, and it’s a great way to catch up on how everyone is doing. In person conversations definitely bring you closer to others.

  2. Since it started snowing, go play in the snow! Bring out your inner child by having snowball fights and building snowmen.

  3. Go explore the city of Chicago. There is just so much to do. This works great for those who are single and for those who are involved in a relationship.

  4. If you really want to get in the Valentine’s day spirit, try baking cookies, cupcakes, or even brownies for your loved ones. This will definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

These are just a few ideas, but I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day with the ones you love!


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