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Low Pros – Who Wanna Play

Low Pros is a tag team duo between two powerful artists on the same side of the page. A Trak and Lex Luger. A Trak was the touring DJ for Kanye West in 2004. He is both talented and accomplished artist. Having won DJ battles at an age most people just end of starting. He also has founded Fool’s Gold, a label that holds Giraffage, Danny Brown and Chicago natives Flosstradamus among others. Lex has his roots established as well, one of his hits being Wacka Flacka’s “Hard in the Paint”. Talking to Kanye, he has agreed to make “H.A.M” for him to use. Lex has also collaborated with Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Big Sean and others in the Hip Hop Pantheon.

The song features rapper Que, who no doubt came up with the hook for the song after finishing the verse. The drive forward from a more commercial Trap song towards the EDM crazed song. The use of the snares as a way to transition into the drop really pulls the dynamics forward. The use of similes with this hybrid genre of music is only improved by the violent lyrical content. Que isn’t gory, but the description of his gun as long as a cane is.

The visuals behind the video for Who Wanna Play are definitely  something out of a 80’s video game rebirthed in the dirty south, grown up in a crib next to Lil Jon. The glitchy visuals match the textures of the stuttering sounds. The repetitive hook becomes less so when the visuals do nothing but add onto the  scope of the imagery it will portray.


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