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Make This Your New Mental Habit

Do you know that clique saying: “live in the moment”? We’ve all seen the saying on a tacky, kitschy tank top from Five Below or we’ve been told this when life sucks. The truth of it all is that when life gets rough, taking time to let your mind wander can truly benefit your mental well being.

When talking about mindfulness and living in the moment many people think meditation. Let me tell you that you can still practice mindfulness without having to straight-up sit cross-legged with incense burning. Keeping a simple mindful routine doesn’t have to be that deep.

Putting mindfulness to the test…

  1. You’re going to need a quiet and comfortable space. Keep lighting dim or try and resort to natural lighting.

  2. Get comfy: either lay down on your bed, yoga mat, or wherever is best. Take a few minutes and settle in a comfy position.

  3. Refrain your brain: this is where the magic happens and you just let your mind take the wheel. Either close your eyes or find something to set your gaze on to ease your mind into a thoughtless cloud of nothingness. (It sounds crazy stupid but you’ll see on your most stressful of days that it can be a challenge.)

Make sure you’re not checking your phone or watching tv. This should be 10 minutes out of your day where you don’t think, not even about what you’re going to eat for dinner. It may seem ludicrous but if you struggle to keep your mind focused on the present moment, it’s all a part of the process. When I first tried this whole “10-minute mindfulness hack” it wasn’t as easy as I had thought. I became more aware of myself as well. If you’re still skeptical check out this article about the relationship between living in the moment and overall happiness.


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