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Marrow – Two

Marrow is 4 piece band which includes former members from the former band Kids These Days. After Kids These Days broke up Vic Mensa went off to pursue his solo career. Nico Segal and J.P. Floyd went to tour with Frank Ocean. Greg went off on tour with Chance The Rapper. Liam Cunningham, Macie Stewart and Lane Beckstrom went off to form this band named Marrow. Matt Carroll was also added of the band as the band’s drummer.

This is their first official release as a group. This video, which is titled “Two”, includes two tracks from their upcoming EP. The two tracks are “She Chose You” & “Mother of Maladies”. That EP is set to release December 19th and they are also having an event/show for the release of this EP at Schubas Tavern that same day for anyone that might be interested.

Anyway check Marrow’s first official songs in this video. Marrow brings a very unique sound and a very appealing sound.


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