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Me Like Bees Make Their Way to Chicago!


Close to campus there is this amazing venue called the Bottom Lounge. If you are just hearing about this well… you’re welcome. You’ll thank me later when you start attending all the great shows that come through this place. And especially if you go to the Bottom Lounge next Saturday February 28th! That Saturday the Mid Winter’s Night Dream Acoutik Tour is coming through and the lineup includes Never Shout Never, Hayley Kiyoko, and Me Like Bees.

I have heard of Never Shout Never and Hayley Kiyoko before. Never Shout Never was on Warped Tour back in 2010 when I first saw them and I loved their sound. Their album “Recycled Youth” is available here with a pretty awesome shirt. As for Hayley Kiyoko, she is a talented actress and musician. I had seen on screen and have listened to her EP “The Side of Paradise”, so now I look forward to what she brings to the stage.

As for Me Like Bees, I haven’t heard of them which makes me even more intrigued to what they have to offer. The band is made up of Pete Burton (vocals), Nick Bynum (Bass), Luke (Guitar), and Timothy (drums) who gathered together after college and formed Me Like Bees. Signed to Loveway Records they released their first album THE IDES. These guys are pretty excited to be on tour as this will be the first time the band will be playing an acoustic set; so I know it’s going to be great! Be sure tyo get your ticket and I’ll see you at the show!


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