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Meet Timothy Nguyen!

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far. Recently, I got the opportunity to interview a very well-known UIC photographer, Timothy Nguyen! You may know him as the mastermind behind “Humans of UIC”, the photographer behind the camera during photo shoots, and even as the guy who is constantly trying new places to eat around UIC, but sitting down with him, I got the chance to learn a bit more about himself, his work with Humans of UIC and his passion for photography!

tim 6

Tim is an upcoming junior majoring in computer science. He loves watching YouTube videos, going to the gym, and playing sports such as football, baseball, basketball and even track! While this social butterfly is always around campus, he admits that in high school he never opened up to new people. “It’s funny, I only talked to the same 5 people in high school every day and never went out to approach new people. Once college started, that all changed”. His passion for photography started 2 years ago because he wanted to learn something new. By only watching YouTube videos, Tim learned how to master the art in photography. Shyly, Tim admits, “I want my pictures to be different; I want them to stand out”

Courtesy of Timothy Nguyen

Humans of UIC started when Tim noticed a blog post about Humans of UIC from blogger Kruti Soni, and contacted her along with other friends asking if they wanted to turn the idea into a Facebook page. With everyone on board with the idea, Humans of UIC became the next big thing on social media.

Tim loves the idea of meeting new people and getting to know more about them, so when taking one’s photo, he asks for a quote for other students to relate to. Tim reveals, “I feel like it brings the UIC community closer together, it helps us get to know one another so when we see a person on campus, we already know a little bit about them”.

Courtesy of Timothy Nguyen

Tim’s passion for photography inspires him to take pictures of students for photo shoots and events throughout UIC. Tim enjoys working one on one with people during photo shoots because there’s always something different in each photo shoot, “Not only am I taking photos of the person, I also get to know more about them as well”, Tim mentions.

Although Tim’s photos are already remarkable, he’s always looking for ways to improve. Another page Tim is involved in is “UIC Photography”. By taking pictures of the UIC campus, he always adds a quote with his pictures to describe the moment and how to inspire others each day. “I want others to feel something when they look at my photos, by adding quotes it helps inspire them each day and it also reflects my mood when I was taking the photo”.  

Courtesy of Timothy Nguyen

One thing Tim wants everyone to know is that whatever we do; we should be the best at. “Whether you are studying to be a doctor, engineer, or even a photographer, if you love doing it, be the best at it. Don’t give up on your dreams”.

Thank you again, Tim, for all the photos you take to make UIC shine! We look forward to seeing many more photos from you throughout the year!

Be sure to like and follow, Timothy Nguyen,  Humans of UIC, UIC Photography, and UIC Eats on Facebook!

Till next time,



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