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Mid-day Cruise: The Beginning

Hi everybody, my name is Mickey, and starting today, I will be writing a weekly blog for UIC radio.

The purpose of my blog, “Mid-day Cruise”, is to inform you guys on music that I feel is relevant in the industry and thought was worth sharing. I’m influenced primarily by hip-hop but will post about other genres, topics in pop-culture/music news, and maybe throw some Yeezy in every once in a while. I’m constantly coming across new music, so I might share something that’s not necessarily new, but new to me.

Shout out to those who turn up in their car to their favorite songs not caring who’s watching you at the stop light. Even though I live in the city, I still drive a lot and riding in the car or hanging out with friends are the times when I find myself discovering the best music or getting reminded of the throwbacks that I haven’t heard in forever. Midnight Cruise is meant to introduce you to the summer jams, the party bangers, the late night “I don’t want to go to bed yet”, the throwbacks, and the thinking about your ex type of music. I’m literally all over the place.

Enough of the intro; now it’s time to actually get into the blog. Even though October is over, I wanted to kick off this blog with a few awesome album drops for the month, along with some of my favorite songs off of them.

Kyle – Smyle

Kyle is one of my favorite new artists. He has a vibrant way of presenting himself and his music to his listeners. “Life isn’t as bad as it may sometime seem”, as he stated in an interview with hiphopdx. Smyle brings freshness and positivity, while displaying a message that encourages people to do things that make them happy. Kyle is very not a traditional hip-hop artist and encourages people to smile through negativity.

This is his second album after his first album release, “Beautiful Loser”, in 2013. Check out a couple of my favorites off of the album.

“Remember Me” features Chicago native, Chance the Rapper. This isn’t the first song that they’ve done together, but it’s a great collab.

Raury – All We Need


Another great album from the month is an up and coming Atlanta artist named Raury. It’s really hard to classify him as being an artist of any genre. He’s invented his own style by incorporating hip-hop and folk (hippie rap). It’s a weird mix, but it seems like the best way for me to describe it. He’s a young creative that is still trying to find his genius.

Just like Kanye’s rendition of “listen to the kids bro”, Raury speaks on youth empowerment and allowing the youth to express themselves through their music and other media. The youth has a lot to say and there is a lot of talent in the industry and he wants to pave the way for new artists to make the music they want to make. A lot of artists make music they think people want to hear instead of making the music they truly believe in. They focus on the money more than the purpose.

If you haven’t heard his album yet, I highly encourage you to check it out. It’s different, but still dope.

Forbidden Knowledge – Raury ft. Big Krit

Thank you guys for reading as this wraps up my first blog. I’ll be back next week to drop some more knowledge. Like my page if you want to stay updated on future posts.



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