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Mike Shellz – The Crux (Interview)

(The Crux Listening Party November 15th)

Mike Shellz has recently released his latest mixtape titled, The Crux. Mike Shellz is a hip hop artist from the Chicagoland area. This release is his second mixtape. I know him personally so I was able to converse with him about The Crux and other things as well. You can check out the interview below. Listen to The Crux and if you enjoy it you might want to attend the listening party November 15th at Booners Place in Waukegan IL.

First off tell me the story behind the name of the tape, “The Crux”. What led to you choosing that name?

I thought to name this project The Crux, because the word crux is defined as the most important piece. And with this project being my first body of work using original beats. I felt this was a fitting name. Seeing that I had no blue print or ideas to bounce off, like you do when you rap over another artist beat. Basically if the people feel me or think it’s whack it’s all on me. Making this project by definition “The Crux”.

Why should people listen to this tape?

People should listen to this project, simply for the fact that it’s strictly dope shit. It’s honest music and it’s all gonna grow with me. As I expand and grow as a person.

What is your favorite track on the tape and why?

My favorite track would probably have to be Memory Lane. It’s a bit personal and introspective plus I like the level of writing I did on that joint.

How is this tape different from your previous tape, #occupymusic?

This tape is different mainly cause I have better sound quality. Better lyrics, and original beats. From my previous project

What will the upcoming release of the deluxe version of the The Crux include?

The deluxe version will include a few bonus tracks. I recorded after the crux that didn’t make any particular project.

What is an album or mixtape you have been listening to a lot lately? And whats an album or mixtape you’re looking forward to?

Lately I’ve been listening to, 2pac’s Me Against The World. Mainly cause at the stage I’m at in life I can identify with that mentality. As well as the music being mad dope. I’m currently looking forward to my brother Frederick Boom’s project called I Think I Love My Journal vol. 3. Should be dope.

Who has influenced you as an artist?

Artistically as far as hip-hop and rap is concerned I draw from the 90s. People like 2pac, Biggie, Jay-z, and Nas are my favorites and some of who I consider to be at the top.

What are your thoughts on the music scene in Chicago?

I think the music scene in the city is thriving. It’s probably as diverse now as its ever been. In my own opinion it would seem like artists coming out now are modeling their image, sound, and culture to that of the people in the city. To me it’s dope to know Chicago still has such a major influence over the country. Not to mention with the diversity of music that we offer here, from drill to alternative we got it all.

What’s next for you after this tape? Will you be performing at any shows anywhere sometime soon? Where can someone who might be interested in booking you contact you at?

Next for me after this project are some videos I’ll be shooting from songs off The Crux. As well as follow up material. Another tape. And a collaboration project I got coming that I’m not quite ready to speak on. As far as performances I have a listening party for The Crux coming up November 15th (See flyer above). Anyone interested in contacting me for shows can get at me thru email.

Where can we all download The Crux and stay updated with you?

The best place to stay updated with me would be twitter @DoItLikeMike and the link to my tape is


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