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Milo Greene: Concert Review

If you’ve never heard the sweet, harmonizing vocals of Milo Greene, then you’re missing out. On March 5, I was able to hear the band perform live at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall. Their performance turned out to be everything that I imagined it to be and more.


The band is unique for many reasons, one of the reasons being the fact that most of the members are multi-instrumentalists. As if that wasn’t cool enough already, all of the band members also happen to be incredibly gifted singers. The band members switched their instruments with each other and also took turns being the main vocals depending on the song they were performing. This concert was the band’s second time at Lincoln Hall so they shared their excitement of being back here.

When the band performed one of my favorite songs, “1975“, I couldn’t help, but be mesmerized by how beautifully their voices blended together. The combination of their harmonized vocals sounded dreamlike and alluring. I think that this feeling of awe resonated with the crowd throughout the entire night.


Some other highlights of the night were when the band performed two of my other favorite songs: “White Lies” from their newest album Control and their song “What’s the Matter” from their first, self-titled album.


Despite the calm, ambient sound of their music, Milo Greene really knows how to work a crowd. Their enthusiasm and energy really showed during the performance as they spoke with the crowd and got lost in the music. During the finale, the female vocalist, Marlana, even danced around the stage while the guys let themselves go and rocked out on their instruments. Overall, they were a fun, entertaining, and incredibly talented band.

Were you at the concert? What do you think of Milo Greene‘s music? Let me know what you think in the comments below! Also, check out the music video for their song “1975” and “White Lies” below as well.


(Photos taken by Pearl Shin)

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